About Heather Wielding Designs

When I was young, GrandMother would give me a present every Christmas. The soft bundle would reveal a pair of handmade socks or mittens along with a small bar of chocolate. I'd open the present wearing a dress Mom made me, gobble up the treat, and toss the socks aside thinking ”I really wanted a cool new toy”. Later, I'd wear the socks and mittens while skating and playing in the snow without giving them much thought. They were there, they were warm, they were pretty. And as GrandMother passed on, and the socks stopped coming, I realised how perfect they were. Brightly coloured, warm and fitted, each stitch crafted with love.
I set it as my goal to master the perfect socks, and as time passed, I learned.
Perfection doesn't come from even stitches and intricate details. It comes from function, fit, and affection. Having spent years struggling with the concept of perfection, I wish to share the what I've learned so that others can find joy in creating.
Heather Wielding Designs, my small business, offers hand-crafted sewing, knitting, and crochet patterns. As a tiny Goth, I like to incorporate elements of dark fashion into my designs, and aim most of them for petite beauties. In my wonderland, no trouser leg is too long, and no shoulder line too wide.
The fashion industry is a wasteful area. New lines come out four times per year, and clothes are discarded with little care. I like to take those abandoned garments, and give them a new life. I turn rejected pieces of clothing into fresh designs, and unravel lorn sweaters for yarn. In my blog, you'll find ideas on how to revamp what's already in your closet. Many of my patterns also offer tips on how to take advantage of yesterday's top trends when sewing something new. And if you're not that crafty, bring your outdated garments to me for a makeover. I'm more than happy to help.

The ability to create is a gift, a flame that burns brighter by the day. It feeds from joy and sorrow alike, allowing us to express our souls. Through it, we are allowed access to fairytales, to things that can only come true in the hands of a crafter. In my wonderland, fantasy enters everyday life to live and breathe as one of us. 

contact: heatherw@heatherwielding.com
business ID: 2478770-9