torstai 11. elokuuta 2016

Mermaid Skirt Mod

Once upon a time, many years ago (judging by the length and colour of my hair), I made a bondage-inspired mermaid skirt. It was very tight, and just a little bit too short. I really like the skirt, but since it has a tendency of climbing a bit as I walk, it shows my ankles. 
I don't like that. A long skirt is to cover my shoes, not flaunt them. 

The fabric and details of the skirt please me quite well. It's made with thick, elastic twill, and features a couple of D-rings in the front... 

... and a lacing across the back. It also has a buckle at the knees to help keep the hem in check. 

Two days ago, I found the skirt again, tried it on, and got very upset about the hem. 
Yesterday at around 9PM, I came up with the simplest solution: chop it. 

I can't make it longer, but shortening it will eliminate the problem. In knee-length, the skirt will show a decent amount of leg instead of an uncomfortable peek at footwear. 

I marked the desired length, took my scissors, and hesitated. 
Hesitation when vamping up something is very uncommon for me, so I took the time to think. 
After an entire minute, I cut the hem to a hi-lo -shape so that the buckle wouldn't appear entirely meaningless. 

Another thing that bothered me about the skirt was the closure. It had a zipper sewn into the center front seam, and those things have an annoying tendency to bulge when sitting down. 
Also, zippers can slide. 

I took my seam ripper, and... 

I'll tell you what happened in a couple of days. 
Until then! 

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