torstai 18. elokuuta 2016

Mermaid Skirt Mod, pt. 2

Once upon a time last Thursday, I showed you the beginning of my Mermaid Skirt Mod. You can view it here
As mentioned, the skirt was a little bit too short to be long, so I shortened it even more. I also ripped out the front zipper because I have Issues with such. 

Naturally, the skirt needed some sort of closure. No zippers, definitely no velcro, and most certainly not lacing. 
Buttons were actually both my only and favorite solution. 
I dug deep into my stash, dug around for a very long time, and finally found the buttons I was looking for safely stored in a box labeled "knitting notions". Why, I do not know. 

I sewed buttonholes directly into the skirt. I wanted the buttons to show instead of hiding them. For this reason I chose the flashy, silvery ones. 
I sewed the buttons on, and felt very pleased with myself. Buttons, in my opinion, are more reliable than a zipper, and they look nicer when I'm sitting. 

I wanted another little detail to the skirt. 
Most of my clothes don't have pockets. I've never seen an actual point to them, since I always carry a purse around. This skirt, however, desperately wanted patch pockets. 
I cut out two rectangular pieces, finished the upper edge by simply sewing it to the wrong side, and top stitched the pockets on. 
Again, I felt very pleased with myself. 
These kinds of pockets can be decorated with lacing or sewn-on details, but I left these ones plain. This particular skirt has a lot going on, and an extra detail might have made it too busy. 

As a final touch, I did a rolled hem. I chose the simplest finishing technique since the shape of the hem is very far from straight. Sewing it to the wrong side like I usually do with skirts made with twill would not have looked good. The turn would have made the fabric bulge at the back. By doing a rolled hem, I gained a tidier finish. 

The skirt is now knee-length, and has a bit more details. It's far more comfortable to wear since I don't have to worry about it showing my shoes or rising up a little when I walk. 
The buckle settles nicely into place with the hem cut into a hi-lo -shape, so I'm quite happy I hesitated before cutting it. 

I hope you like my Mermaid Skirt Mod! 

Until next time. 

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  1. WOW! I LOVE IT!!! What a smart decision! The hi-lo hem was definitely the way to go.

    1. Thank you, I'm really happy I decided to give this skirt a make-over :)

  2. That skirt looks stunning on you! I want to make something like this now.


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