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Suicide Bunny

Once upon a time on a Sunday two weeks or so ago, I decided to make something. 
I've been toying around with the idea of crocheting an EmoBunny for a long time, and the particular Sunday felt like the right time. 
I dug into my stash, and found white cotton yarn purchased many moons ago. As I have very little use for white anything, it was nice to find use for the yarn. 

I haven't got that much experience with crocheting amigurumis, so I needed a pattern for the actual bunny. I used a free pattern (this one) that comes with permission to sell finished items created with the help of the instructions. 
The pattern was a delight to work with, very clear and easy to follow. And the bunny turned out really cute. 
But I wasn't looking for cute. 

Well, maybe one thing. Big, fluffy bunny tails are always cute no matter what they're attached to.
 I gave the bunny a rope with a real hangman's noose, so it can find a suitable spot to, well, hang itself.
 The bunny wanted earrings, so naturally it got some. They're sewn on, just like the nose and the mouth. 
The eyes are basic buttons. One is sewn on with crossed stitches...
 ... and one has accidentally fallen off a bit. 
Naturally, the bunny has been feeling a little down lately, so it's slashed its wrists on numerous spots.
 I posted a picture of this little guy on my personal facebook-page, and it was practically snatched off my hands. I was thinking I might make these on order, so if you'd like to have a suicidal rabbit hanging around your place, message me. 
Making this was super-fun, and I hope I'll get to make more!

Until next time!

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