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Making of: Reversible Corset Pattern, pt. 2

Last week, I started a three-part post on how I create my patterns. In the first part, we took a look at coming up with an idea, and designing it to become a reality. I started drafting a reversible corset a while back, and today, I get to show you the finished garment. 
Well, one of them. I've decided to separate the two corsets I'm working on into two patterns: a reversible waist corset, and a half-bust with an option to make it reversible. Both these garments are for decorational purposes only. 

The reversible waist corset is done, part from anchoring the boning to place. This can only be done by hand, and I have postponed it to a later time. 
I used a satin finished cotton-blend for one side of the corset. One this side, the bone channels can only be seen as lines of stitching. 

This style doesn't come with a modesty panel. Making one into a reversible style is literally impossible. 

I chose to use a zipper to close the corset at the front. This makes it easy to wear. I do recommend choosing a reversible zip, though! I didn't have one handy, so I used an ordinary one. It works without a hitch, only closing the black side takes a little longer. 

The other side of the corset is made with skull-printed cotton. On this side, I sewed black bone channels. 

Now the pattern is waiting to be finished. I found only minor offsets in pattern piece lengths, but nothing major. So next week, I get to show you how I turn pieces cut out of an old newspaper into a digital sewing pattern. 
Until next Wednesday! 

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