torstai 18. helmikuuta 2016

Garter Petticoat

Once upon a time, winter came. It was cold and snowy, and I had to go outside for groceries. And parties. And things. Life, you know. I like to wear light layers when temperatures drop to freezing. Three skirts keep you warm far better than one. 
But I had an issue with socks and legwarmers. When walking, they tend to slide. And you have to stop to pull them up and your knees get cold and, well, all in all long socks and legwarmers are a pain to wear. 

So I came up with something. 

I dug out a jersey top I no longer like. And four garters. 
I cut the top to length, and shaped the sides just a little bit. 
 I sewed an elastic ribbon to the waist... 
 ... and attached garters to the hem. 
No longer will my socks run down to my ankles, thank you very much. 
 My Grand Invention will soon come out as a sewing pattern. I hope you'll like it as much as I do! 

Until next time. 

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