perjantai 12. helmikuuta 2016

Corset ReVamp, pt. 3

Once upon a time, I had a not-so-pretty leather corselet. As I didn't want to throw it away, I decided to revamp it. In part one, I took the garment apart, and in part two, I embellished it with lace. This week, I get to show you the finished product. 

I wanted to replace the lining because it was red and not properly attached to the leather. As I took the whole thing apart, changing was actually pretty easy. I cut new lining from black cotton, and attached it to the seams while putting the corset back together. I left the seams on the right side in order to gain a tidy and smooth inside.
 I covered the seams with bone channels, and boned the corset with 7mm spiral steel.
 To the front, I sewed buttons with white splashes on them. I pondered between these and black buttons for quite a while, and chose these only because I liked the way they seemed to repeat the glow of leather.
 I didn't touch the eyelets I'd put in a million years ago. I attached the new lining next to them. I might add a bit of lace to the back later to hide the seam: the stitching isn't quite as straight as I'd like it!
 The fresh lining is much nicer than the previous one. Now I won't have to feel like the red is clashing with my... oh yes. I keep forgetting that.
 I even managed to get the lining to settle tidily on the inside of the lacing. 
All in all, re-creating the corset was surprisingly straight-forward. The only thing giving me real trouble was deciding how to decorate it.
 The finished corset isn't as long as the original. It turned out as a short half-bust. Which is really nice, since I didn't have one in my closet before. 
I'm really happy about the way the corset turned out, and I trust it will get much more wear this way. 
And yes, I dyed my hair black. I'm loving it so much <3>
Until next time!

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  1. Awesome job! It looks fabulous. :) Love the black hair as well.

    1. Thank you :) It was really rewarding to see the corset transform, and I'm glad I could give it a new life ^^


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