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Corset ReVamp, pt. 2

Once upon a time just last week, I started my Corset ReVamp -adventure. Today, I shall continue. 
As promised. 
My original "corset" had plastic boning. After taking them out, I found, non-surprisingly, that they were in pretty shoddy condition. After only a few wears, the plastic bones were bent out of shape. 
To give the corset a longer, more comfortable life, I decided to bone it with 7mm steel spiral. 
This is a very light form of steel bone, which works best for decorative corsets and corset tops. It is comfortable, durable, and flexible. And my favourite since it so versatile. 
Now the bad news was that the bones I had stashed were a bit on the short side. 
So no overbust for Heather.
 As mentioned in pt. 1, the leather had stitch marks on it. My first instinct was to add buckles and rivets and all sorts of things made of metal. 
That, however, seemed to clash with the rest of my wardrobe which is floating to a more feminine, romantic direction. 
So, rummaging through my stash and leaving a horrid mess behind, I ran into a bit of lace left over from an order made a long time ago. 
Non-elastic, high-quality lace. 
Floral and romantic. 
After placing a bit of satin ribbon on the corset pieces to cover some of the stitch marks, I wondered...
 I cut motifs out of the lace. And then I...
... I appliqued them onto the leather. 
With the stitch marks now completely covered, I could concentrate on deciding how to close the thing. 
When contemplating many things metal, I planned to add a zipper to the front of the corset. 
Zippers are cold, though, and they always slide. 
I don't like busks, either, so I went for my signature-solution.
 I created a criss-cross buttoning to the front of the corset. I've done this before, and I really like the way it looks. 
This option works on decorative corsets only. If you want a proper waist crincher, always use a busk.
 With the corset embellished, it's now time to move on to putting it together. 
Stay tuned for the big finale! 


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  1. Great idea with the lace motifs! I look forward to seeing the end result. :)

    1. Thanks! I was a bit apprehensive about the lace, but it worked out better than expected ^^


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