tiistai 26. tammikuuta 2016

Corset ReVamp, pt. 1

Once upon a time, I had made a pretty ugly corset. There was nothing about I liked, other than the fact that it was made of leather. I don't like throwing anything away, not even failed projects, so I decided to revamp it. 
The original corset was made with upcycled leather. It had D-rings on it, and plastic boning. 
The lining was made with red cotton. Ugh. 
Also, the corset had a floating lining, so it was quite horrendous to wear. 
I started by tearing off the lining, leaving a little bit behind to support the eyelets. Which I will not be replacing. 
Undoing anything sewn with leather is risky. Every stitch leaves a little hole into the leather. This corset had plenty of top stitching, so I'm going to have to get pretty creative with it. 
 ... since I tore off all the embellishments, too. 
The leather looks like it's served as a pincushion. 
 And to make it worse, I undid the seams as well. The shape of the corset was a bit off, so this way I get to re-shape the pieces a bit. 
 My plan is to replace the lining, re-do bone channels (I might stick with the plastic boning, though, for this isn't meant to be a waist crincher), and add front closure. The corset also needs decorations. Plenty of it, due to the stitch marks. 
During the upcoming weeks, I'll be re-doing the corset. Stay tuned to see what becomes of it! 

Until next time.