torstai 31. joulukuuta 2015

Let's Make... Tights to Stay Ups

 Once upon a time, my mother gave me a Christmas present. 
A practical, useful gift well received. 
If only the tights weren't the kind only very small children and very old women wear. Thick cotton with an actual elastic band at the waist, and two seams at the back. 
Eww, said I, grimacing in terror. 
Luckily, I know a solution to the horror of the little girl -tights: turn them into stay ups. 

When dealing with stay ups, the first thing to break is the sock. The lace will last a lot longer than the actual sock. To upcycle the lace, all one needs to do is rip a seam, or just cut it off. I started the process by parting old, broken socks from their silicone-lined lace.
 Then, I cut the legs off the tights. Angrily, I might add, wondering who on earth thought a grown woman would want to wear these.
Next, I pinned the lace on the fresh cut, aligning the seam to center back, with right sides facing.
 Closing the wound took two minutes with my trusted serger. And as a reward, I got thick, warm stay ups.
 Much, much better.

I hope you will all have a magical New Year! 
Until next time.

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