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Heather's Basic Blazer

Once upon a time, I found an acrylic knit from the flea market. I'd been looking something, anything, in petrol blue to unravel for a while, so I was happy about my find. 
Unfortunately, the yarn was no longer in tip-top shape. When knitting up a swatch, I noted that the knit surface bulged and shrank. 
Saddened, I tossed the yarn aside. It was too light to crochet with, but the colour was lovely, and I wanted to do something to salvage it. 

I had stashed another acrylic I didn't much care for. It was black, and had a slippery satin finish. It was also too light for my taste, but the shine of it appealed to me. 
A bit irritated at them both, I paired them up. 

I hadn't thought of combining two yarns before, but the results made me wonder why I hadn't tried it earlier. Entwined together, the black and blue created an interesting surface with subtle colour changes. The combination of two yarns needed to be something simple, something basic that wouldn't steal its thunder. 

Filet crochet is one of my favourite crochet techniques. I love the way its easy to work with, and can be forced into numerous shapes. Filet crochet surface is light, mesh-like, but warm still. I chose to use it for the project in order to create a semi-see-through garment. 

The yarn quickly turned into a top-down cardigan with a collar and open front. A picot-edge gave it a bit more drama, and as I finished the first cardigan, I decided to turn it into a pattern

I'd only dotted down a few notes. They weren't nearly accurate enough to offer a solid base for a pattern, so I crocheted another cardigan in black for the pattern. It's lovely and I wear it all the time now, but it isn't as cool as the blue one. 

 Using two strands of yarn instead of just one made the cardigan decadently heavy. I love the way it feels, and I kinda wish I'd chosen to use the same solution with the black one. 
Then again, I can always crochet another one... 

Have you tried combining yarns? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! 

Until next time

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