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Curtains: Lengthened

Once upon a time, I moved. This happened not-so-long ago. 
My new place is a flat in an apartment building from the fifties. It's airy, bright, and very high. Being a relatively small girl, I feel tiny in the tall rooms. 
Which, of course, is nice. 

One thing that gave me a bit of a headache, along with the good old "how do people reach the top shelf" -dilemma, was curtains. The windows are tall, and my curtains were nearly a foot too short. 
To fix the issue, I added length to them. 

I started with a set of light, orange curtains. I had three pieces: two to go on each side of a window, and a long valance. As I didn't need the valance, I sacrificed it. 

 I cut two pieces of fabric, one for each curtain, and sewed them under the original material. This way, I gained a layered look without an eye-sore-seam. 

I used a french seam for the curtains to get a tidy finish.
To add some... well, black, I chose to fully hide the seam with satin ribbon. I pinned it on... 
... and top stitched it on both edges for a finished look. 
 As a finishing touch, I added a bow from the black ribbon. 
The curtains turned out really cute, but managing a full photo of them is a bit impossible due to lighting. 
 Altering curtains is an easy way to add personality to home decor. Have you done it? I'd love to see your projects! 

Until next time.

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