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Once upon a time, not that long ago, I wanted to knit my first lace shawl ever. Naturally, I had experience on reading charts and knitting lace, but I had never attempted a shawl before. 
I tried several free patterns, and found them either confusing or not lacey enough. 
Crocheting one was quick and easy, and I made several crochet lace shawls, and then gave them away as presents without snapping a single photo as evidence. 

After turning the internet upside down, I stumbled upon Emily Ross's Haruni
At that time, many years ago, Haruni was not yet nearly as well known as it is today. It was only one year old, but already proving to be a long-term favourite for many knitters. 
Including me. 

I knit my first Haruni with bright blue cotton. My sister likes this shade of blue, so I gave the shawl to her for Christmas. 
And I missed it dreadfully. 

The pattern for Haruni seems, when you first open it, confusing and very intimidating. With a bit of dedication, though, it turns out to be easy-to-follow, and a delight to work with. There's very little counting involved when working with the first lace pattern, so the shawl is a pretty OK TV-knit. 

A year after finishing the blue shawl, I knit a white version with a poly-blend and larger needles. The shawl turned out lovely and airy, and went to warm my soon-to-be-ex-husband's grandmother's shoulders. 

Just last year, she showed me the shawl, and told me it was her favourite one. It was lovely to hear she liked it so much. 

After the white one, I knit one for myself. This one, I made with black cotton. The first were a breeze, but this one... I don't know if it was the black yarn or the fact that I was knitting this for myself and didn't feel the need to concentrate. The border was riddled with mistakes, and the shawl came out way too small. I undid the border, and knit it again after doing a few more repeats on the body of the shawl, and still it feels a bit tiny. It's mistake-free now, but a bit meh, somehow. 

My black Haruni is beautiful, of course, but wearing it is a bit difficult. I think I might just rip the border off one more time, and knit it to a larger size. 

I did a photoshoot with the shawl a long time ago. I paired the shawl with a crochet lace skirt I'm thinking about revamping... 

Until next Wednesday! 

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