keskiviikko 25. marraskuuta 2015

Poncho-Coat Re-Mod

Once upon a time last Wednesday, I didn't write a blogpost. The reason for this was that on Monday, something horrible happened. 
You see, my Ubuntu had decided to move all of my photos to a strange location. I though the folder was a link, pushed Shift+delete, and watched 5,4Gbs of photos fly out the window. Naturally, I had no backups. 
I tried everything I could to restore the lost images, but nothing worked. My latest modelling photos were gone, along with phase photos for two upcoming designs, not to mention memories from the last four years. 

Luckily, I still had some photos on my camera, and more on a flash drive, and even more on my laptop. But even though, recovering from the damage kept me overwhelmingly busy last Wednesday. 

Any photo can be taken again, and so today we had a photoshoot-day! Wiser now, I saved the photos on a flash drive straight away. 

As you may remember, I modded a poncho-coat a while back. After wearing it a few times, I noted that it gathered static electricity like crazy, and then clung to my clothes making me feel very self-conscious. To fix this problem, and to add some warmth to the light coat, I lined it. 
With red satin. 
After, I crocheted a hood and added that, too.
 Now, the coat is clingy no more. Also, its drama-level went from four to twenty-two in no time!
 Though the coat is still light, it's lovely to wear over a knit dress or a sweater-skirt -combo. The hood brings extra-warmth to it, and makes the coat work better with infinity scarves. I even added a ribbon belt made from the same red satin. 

Wearing this makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood, but in a good way. It's like forcing a bit of fairytale-magic into this realm.
Until next time!
... and by next time, I mean I might change posting day from Wednesday to Sunday-maybe to avoid collision with the Official Business Blog -post. Anyway, stay tuned!


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