keskiviikko 7. lokakuuta 2015

Winter is Coming

Once upon a time, I was born with pretty bad circulation. The first thing people say to me is "Wow you hands are ice-cold" and the same goes for feet as well. As fall draws near, I look to wool socks for solace. 
Socks are one of my favourite knitting projects: they're quick to make and always needed. They don't take much yarn, and can be made with various techniques. 
My go-to is the basic cuff down sock, which I like to spice up with both colour and texture. 
Knitty offers a detailed tutorial on how to knit socks, so if you're new to this, check it out

Though I like to wear black, knitting black is a bit... well, challenging. With socks, I often pick lighter colours. Red lace brightens up any day, and purple cables are a delight to knit. 

Changing small elements in the basic pattern offers variation to socks. I made a purple pair with a twisted rib cuff and a lazy person's "just knit every row" -heelcap. 

A pair of short, stripy socks wanted crochet flowers to feel extra-pretty. Stripes are one of my favourite things to do with socks: it's so much easier to count stripes instead of rows!
A simple variation in colour does wonders to a basic sock. Though I like the quiet, symmetrical patterns, I've seen beautiful creations with wild, asymmetric stripes. 

I've probably knit a hundred pairs of socks, and only managed one pattern. It's most likely because knitting socks is a quick process, and I like to keep it simple. My pattern for lacy knee-highs is designed for strong legs, and can be purchased on Ravelry, Craftsy, and my store

Yesterday, I was super-exhausted from all the stress of moving and unpacking and just generally settling to a new place, so I took the day off to unwind. Binge-watching Unce Upon a Time gave me enough time to knit a full sock with self-patterning yarn. 
It seems I'll need another couch-potato -day to finish the pair... 

Until next Wednesday! 

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  1. I'd like to learn that lazy man's heel! Do you sell the instructions for that? I'd definitely buy them. :)

    1. It's just a basic turned heel done in stockinette. Eliminating purled stitches makes knitting the heel much, much faster ^^

    2. Oooh, thanks Heather! I'll try that on my next pair. :)


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