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The Power of Make-Up: Halloween is Upon Us!

Once upon a time just this morning, I realized Halloween has crept up on me yet again. This happens every year, so I'm used to it, and pretty good at coming up with a decent costume at a moment's notice. 
Today it occurred to me that I can't be alone. I can't possibly be the only one who wakes up on the 28th and goes "oh snap, how did this happen AGAIN!!" 
Pulling out a costume from your closet is easy. Burlesque dancer, wicked witch, even Wednesday are no-brainers when it comes to dressing up. 

Halloween is about more than just putting on a fancy dress and having fun. 
Make-up has always played an intricate part in dressing up. Personally, I have absolutely no talent for make-up -based illusions. Luckily, the internet is filled with tutorials that teach you to create anything with make-up. As techniques develop, the days of slapping on blood and gore and going as a zombie are over. Today, make-up is a tool used for turning fantastical ideas into reality. 

Stylist has made it easy for us, and listed 10 really cool Halloween make-up tutorials. Although most of these require mad skills, tutorials offer both ideas and aid. My favourite is the last one. Who wouldn't want to be Pinhead, even for just one night. 

I've been toying with costume ideas today. There's really not much time left, so making something is out of the question. Going as a broken doll is an appealing option, and this tutorial helps with creating the entire broken look. 

With two days left to ponder, I'm starting to get a little panicky. Good thing there's always the option of borrowing someone's clothes and going as ordinary... 
Last year I was a last-minute-witch, and with that memory I wish you all have the happiest Halloween!

Until next Wednesday. 

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