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DIY: Poncho Coat

Once upon a time, I looted soon-to-be-ex-Husband's closet. I came out with a black poncho cut from light wool blend. I liked the shape, and the way the garment hung around me, but wearing it proved challenging: a coat like this slides, falls, and is just generally annoying if not pinned to place in a dozen places. 
So I decided to force it to stay put. 

Poncho coats are everywhere right now. You can get one in any shop, but making one is pretty simple as well. Take two yards/ two meters of 60"/150cm wide fabric. Round the corners, and cut the fabric open in the middle halfway through. That's all it takes. This will give you a poncho with unfinished edges. Wool doesn't fray that much, but sewing a rolled hem around the edges is a good idea. 
Or you can do what I did. 

To me, the edges of the poncho looked pretty boring. I wanted something extra around them, something not that noticeable, but pretty. 
So I took some yarn and a hook, and single stitched all around the coat. It took a while, but the result was nice. Crocheting lace into the sc-row would have made the coat even more special, but your's truly ran out of yarn. 

To make the coat stay put, I made four buttonholes into it. And then I made a belt. 
It's nothing but a piece of thick elastic with lace sewn around it and a heart-shaped buckle attached to one end, but it does the trick. 
I've made elastic belts before, and you can find a free tutorial on them here

After putting the belt through the buttonholes I'd made, the coat looked like a coat, felt like a coat, and behaved beautifully. It drapes around me like a cape, but is far more practical. I'm completely in love with it! 

Have you gotten into the poncho-craze? 

Until next Wednesday (sorry I missed a post last week)


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