keskiviikko 30. syyskuuta 2015

Let's Make... Collar to Sleeve

Once upon a time, I found a top at the flea market. I liked the print, but it had a high turtleneck collar. Being known to be crafty at times, I figured I might do something about it. 

At home, I cut the collar off. It was high and did very little to flatter my not-so-long neck. I cut the neckline to a more revealing shape, and opened the seam on the collar. 
The piece gained was quite long and quite wide. 

I used some of it for binding. 

In my opinion, a garment can work with contrast coloured binding. Unless it's loud to begin with. 

The rest of the collar wanted to be a sleeve. I asked it if it might get lonely all on its own, but it said no, I will be a sleeve when I grow up! 
Fine, I said, at least take this bit of lace to keep you company. 

The elastic lace gives the sleeve a bit of support, and acts as a pretty detail. 

The cuff got a simple rolled hem. Anything more would have been too much. 

On photoshoot-day, I figured too much would be a good thing for a change. 
I paired the top with my tulle skirt with red shorts under it. The outfit felt comfortable and awkward at the same time: I love the look, but... it is a bit much. 
What do you say? Yay or go home and change? 

Until next Wednesday! 

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  1. I love the look. Perhaps a bit much for going grocery shopping, but perfect for going out to have a drink.

    1. Thank you. For daytime, this really is a bit too much, but I might go for this, or something similar, for clubbing.


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