keskiviikko 26. elokuuta 2015

Glitter Dress

Once upon a time last Monday, I realized I have less than nine days to pack up my things and go. Which is why I only have a simple dress to show you today, and nothing next Wednesday. I'm sorry. I'll try my best to get a proper post done as soon as possible! 

I had a few yards of glittery lycra. When I bought the fabric, it was covered in glitter. A trip to the washing machine robbed much of its sparkle, and left it with a more subtle shine. The fabric wanted to be many things, and I had to force it to make up its mind. 
Eventually, it turned into a dress. 

This was a birthday present from Me to Me. 

The dress is tight and long sleeved, and very comfortable to wear thanks to the elastic material. It has a keyhole cut designed to reveal the obvious lack of cleavage. Still, I love it to bits and would probably wear it every day if it didn't need to be washed every now and again. 

The long hem bears a narrow ruffle. I contemplated on adding ruffles to cuffs as well, but decided it would maybe be a little too much. In a more simplistic form, the dress is easier to mix with corsets and cardigans. 

Do you give yourselves birthday presents? 

Until next... time? 

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