keskiviikko 1. heinäkuuta 2015

Let's Make... Sweatshirt to Skirt

Once upon a time, a friend brought me all sorts of discarded clothes. Among them was a hooded sweatshirt. 
I don't wear sweatshirts, full stop. 
But the fabric was kinda nice, a thick, white jersey with a skull print. 
So I asked the hoodie whether it might like to be something else. 
It contemplated on becoming a shrug, and as I picked up my scissors, it shrieked. 
"No! Wait! Skirt!" 
Trying the hoodie on to see if I could fit my wide ass derriere inside it was a bit impossible, so I decided to risk it. 
I started by cutting off the hood and the sleeves leaving a straight edge. 
Then I cut off the rib. White is a difficult colour, and white rib was just too much. 
And then I got to try it on. 
And it fit! 
I shaped the side seams to a curvier shape. I also shaped the waist a bit, making it lower in the front. This way, the waist will fit better, and the skirt won't look like the front of it is taller. 
 One of the sleeves got to be a waistband. I cut a strip from it, sewed short edges together, and folded it. 
I pinned it to the right side of the waist with raw edges together, and serged the seam. 
I got a tidy finish with minimal effort. 
 I hemmed the skirt using a zigzag-stitch. It gives more than a straight stitch, and looks a bit nicer, too. And that was all it took. Two hours, including planning, photos, and sewing. I bet you can do it in one!
The hoodie got a new life, and I got a white skirt with skulls on it.  

Until next Wednesday! 

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