keskiviikko 22. heinäkuuta 2015

Let's Make... Add Ruffles to Blouse

Once upon a time, I had a short sleeved blouse. An ordinary blouse made with stretchy fabric. It was comfy, but getting a bit old and having a mid-life crisis. Much like its owner. It was pretty much the right size, all that really needed doing was adjusting darts on the back. 

But I wanted to make it less ordinary. So I decided to add a little something. 
I took a long strip of fabric that tinted quite a lot towards blue, and cut it into four pieces. 
I shaped the strips, and did a rolled hem on one of the long sides on each strip. 
I pinned the strips to the front of the blouse, rouching them a little as I went a long. I sewed them on, snapped a picture, GIMPed it, and then my computer ate it. Very impolite on its part. 
I left a gap between the ruffle and the button list. 
... so that I'd have room for another layer. I pinned the second pair of ruffles onto the front, hiding one of the raw edges under the button list. 
The other side was made differently, so I hid the edge of the ruffle with satin ribbon. 
After sewing the ribbon on, it made a nice little detail. 
And that was all it took. The blouse turned from meh to fun, and now I can't wait to wear it again!
For the pictures, I paired the blouse with pants, but it works well with long skirts and corsets as well. 
The ruffles give the blouse a feminine touch, and make it different in a very subtle way. 
This trick works for all kinds of blouses. Try adding patterned materials, or making many narrow rows of ruffles with different fabrics!

Until next Wednesday.

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