keskiviikko 24. kesäkuuta 2015

Two Fails equals One Success

Once upon a time, there were two pieces of clothing I'd made. 
Or tried to make. 
A top that just didn't feel right, and a dress that failed miserably. 
I liked the fabrics on both, and decided to salvage them. 
I cut the yoke and straps off the dress, leaving a loud orange hem. I really like the colour, and I love the print, but alone it's very, very orange. Combining it with a black top would hopefully tone it down a bit. 
I cut the binding off the collar, and shortened the hem of the top. 
I had to make the hem a bit narrower to avoid a bulky waist. After pinning it down, I got to thinking. 
It's always good to take a "let's design this thing"-break mid-project... 
The yoke of the dress was made with two layers of orange. There was just enough to make cuffs. 
And the hem of the top was just wide enough to make a sewn in belt. 
And I had a bit of underwear lace stashed. 
So what if... 
I folded the cuffs after sewing the long sides together. This way, they'd look nice and tidy after just one serged seam. 
With right sides together, I sewed the cuffs on. The seam is completely hidden, and the folded edge needs no finishing. 
I attached the sewn-in belt the same way: fold a strip of fabric, and pin it to the hem with right sides facing and raw edges together. 
 Before serging, I pinned the hem on, too. One seam is plenty. 
After turning the dress right side out, the belt sat nicely at the waist, hiding the seam, and adding a nice detail. This can also be done with elastic band, or even lace. 
Speaking of lace, I pinned a piece of it to the neckline. Right sides together as usual. 
After serging, I top-stitched the seam down. Looks pretty, and since the elastic lace is a little bit shorter than the collar, it keeps the fabric in place, and I don't have to worry about accidentally showing too much skin. 
 I did a basic rolled hem with my trusty serger, and that was all it took. 
 The finished dress is comfortable, pretty, and very easy to pair with long-sleeved tops under it, or cardigans over it. I'm completely in love with it, and hope it gets a lot of wear this summer. 

Until next Wednesday. 

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