keskiviikko 17. kesäkuuta 2015

Dress-Mod with Shredded Detail

I happened upon a dress at the flea market. A simple, black dress made with polyester lycra. At the cost of 1€, I couldn't leave it there. 
At home, I tried it on, and found there was room for two!
I could have just re-shaped the dress, but that would have meant losing some of the length. So I dug out a discarded turtleneck, and asked if it wanted to play, too. 
I cut off the straps on the dress, leaving a long tube. I also shortened the top, and cut off the collar. 
The dress was really big at the waist, so I took it in at the side seams. As I am blessed with a wide ass child-bearing hips, I had to make the seam a bit dreastic in shape. 
With elastic fabrics, this works. With non-elastics though, it's better to not do this. 
 I attached the bodice to the hem, and sewed a strip of fabric in to soften the seam. 
The extra bit of fabric looks like a sewn-in belt, and reduces the eye-sore-effect excess seams tend to have. 
 I bound the collar with a narrow strip of fabric, and top-stitched it down. The basic T-shirt collar is easy to sew, and works well in simple garments. 

The dress covered me from neck to toe to elbow, and I felt like a nun in it. 
So I decided to add a little something. 
I tried the dress on, and marked four lines with safety pins. 
 Then, I folded to bodice, carefully aligning shoulder and side seams. I pinned the four lines again, making sure they were even. 
 And then I cut. 
I made the cuts in a soft V-shape, and smoothed out any sharp corners after the initial cut was made. 
 I gained a slashed front that gives the dress a bit of drama. 
This fabric manipulation trick works with all kinds of jerseys. Before cutting your top up, make sure the knit will hold!
 The finished dress is narrow and tight, but the elastic fabric makes it super-comfortable. 
While I was at it, I made another dress using the same method of combining two garments. I'll show it to you next week!

Until next Wednesday.

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