keskiviikko 10. kesäkuuta 2015

BaktusMod, aka The Scarf That Almost Wasn't

Once upon a time, I found two balls of Rose Mohair in lioness yellow from a flea market. Naturally, I shrieked, and bought the yarn. Rose Mohair is my favourite, and sadly, it has been discontinued. I've taken the habit of buying it every time I see it. 
The yarn wanted to be a shawl. I said OK. It didn't want to be lace, and it wanted to be used entirely. I said OK, that's a taller order. 
After an hour of contemplation. I decided to give Strikkelise's Baktus a go. 
Baktus is designed to be a narrow scarf. As I wanted a shawl, I modded the original pattern quite a bit. I did increases on every second row instead of every fourth, and knit the whole thing in seed stitch. 
Everything was going fine, until... 
I dug into my second ball of yarn, and realized the two were from different dye lots. 
NOOOOOOOO, I cried, and sent the shawl to the "shame on you"-basket. 
The next day, I decided to salvage it by adding black stripes. 
 I frogged half of what I'd knit, and knit the shawl again with stripes. I had a ball of Rose stashed, and it worked well enough with its discontinued sister. 
 After blocking, I crocheted around the shawl with both yarns. The border came out nice, and added a finished touch to the simple shawl. 
 Seed stitch made this elastic, so I can wrap into it anyway I like. The stripes remind me of stinging insects, so I call this my Wasp Shawl. 
 The finished product is a delight to wear: the yellow has the perfect tone, and the black stripes make it a little less... well, yellow. 
 It's big enough to be really warm, and light enough to work as a scarf. 
 The stripes hide the colour difference in yellow perfectly, and I'm really happy about the way the shawl turned out. 
 Luckily the summer has been really cold, so I can still wear this warm thing. And since the Baktus sorta crept under my skin, I started another one, true to the pattern this time. 

Until next Wednesday. 

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