tiistai 28. huhtikuuta 2015


Once upon a time, I had a basic satin corset. I made this a while back, wore it once, and found it boring. It sat in my closet for a long time, ashamed of itself, until I dug it out for a remake. 

I tore out the binding and the bone channels. The corset had steel bones and a purple lining, but no front closure. Putting it on was slow (I usually take the laces off, put the corset on backwards, lace up, turn, and tighten) and the front felt a bit... well, flimsy. I liked the shape and construction, although the whole thing was a little on the loose side. 

I had steel boning and black, stretchy satin stashed, along with a tube-ful of large buttons. 

Since the corset was a little bit too big, I cut the front open, planning to do a simple button-up closure. As I placed buttons on one side of the corset to see what they'd look like, I decided they were too big to sit comfortably on just one side. So I tried a different approach. 

Asymmetric buttoning is a bit of a pain to create: one needs to measure and re-measure carefully, but I managed to get the loops done with just two takes. 

 Starting the remake process, I thought I'd give the corset black bone channels. Rummaging through my stash, I ran into the remains of the purple lining, and thought what the hey, might as well give the thing a bit of colour. 
At first, I thought I'd hide the channels in the front, but they looked too nice to conceal. 

I ended up tucking in the satin, and leaving the purple channels out. I liked the contrast, and did the rest of the channels the same way. 

Originally, the corset didn't have a modesty flap. I undid a seam in the back, and added a flap. I'm still undecided on the whole concept of modesty flap, but trying things out never hurt. Much. 

While sewing on the bone channels, I added stripes on both sides, and four little loops on one. The stripes bear no real purpose, but the loops are good for hanging chains from. Just in case one feels the need to get caught on every chair and door handle. Who knows, there might be a handsome Goth just waiting to bail a girl out. 

I bound the corset with the black, elastic satin I originally planned to use for the bone channels. Although there's a slight difference in shade, it works better than the purple fabric would have: an elastic binding gives much more than bias tape ever can, and feels better when worn. 

The remake did wonders to a discarded corset, and I'm super-happy with the results. A bit of effort turned this from "so going into the bin" to my new favourite. 

I have re-done my official site as well. Heatherwielding.com now runs on a fresh server, and the site also has a blog. I'll share tutorials here as well, and most likely share the same content on the "official" site. In addition, I'll share more information on the products my store has to offer there, so if you'd like to stay tuned with new arrivals and such, hop on board. 

Until next time!

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  1. I love it. It looks great on you. :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm happy I took the time to re-do it, it's always a shame to have a piece of clothing that just doesn't work.

  2. That looks really great on you! I especially like the button closure.

    1. Thanks ^^ Buttons work really well on corsets, as long as they're not for tight-lacing.

  3. great makeover! i would not have called the simple black version boring but the finished product suits you really well!

    1. Thank you :) I have a few all black corsets and corselets, so one more seemed a bit bleghh. Full black is a classic, though.


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