lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2015

Let's Make... Side-Ruffles to Pants

As some of you may know, I picked up a hobby this fall. I started bellydancing, and for it, I naturally needed new clothes. 
One can go to dance practice wearing pretty much anything that's comfortable, but I like to look pretty when dancing. As I had a bit of time last Thursday before practice, I decided to need pants with side ruffles. 

So. I had micro shorts that were a bit too micro, and a skirt that was too narrow for my taste. I took the skirt, opened the side seams, and ripped off the ruffle at the hem. 
When adding any kind of ruffle to dance wear, make sure your fabric is light and soft. I recommend chiffon, but even a light viscose jersey can work. 

I cut the skirt's both pieces into shape to gain legs for pants. The fabrics didn't match that well, but since I like to wear a hip scarf, it doesn't really matter. 

Next, it was time to add the ruffles. 
This is a lot easier than it seems: just take the ruffle, and pin it to the side seam on the right side. Ruche lightly, and remember to leave a bit of space to both top and bottom of the side seam. We don't want to sew the ruffle into the seam as we attach the leg. It'll look nicer when it falls free. 

Fold your fabric, and pin the side seam closed. 

Sew, turn, and profit. Repeat on the other leg. For a polished look, turn the cuffs or trim them with lace. 

Attach the legs of the pants to shorts, and that's all. 
You can do this when sewing pants, or even add ruffles to the sides of a skirt. 

I paired my "new" pants with a lurex scarf dug up from a flea market, and a top to match. And we managed a pretty shoddy shot, sorry! 

Until next time. 

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