keskiviikko 9. heinäkuuta 2014

Order: Pimpin' up a Coat

A long, long time ago, I received a winter coat, with a request to make it pretty. Yay, said I, and set to work. 
I like customizing clothes, turning a discarded item into something beautiful again. 
The original coat was off-white wool, with brown leather details. The shape of it was a bit meh, and a long belt made it a tad impractical. 
The quality of the coat was good, but the general look... well, not so much. 

I've been pretty busy with orders, so I worked on the coat whenever I had the time. 
I started with cutting it to knee-length. From the left over fabric, I cut wedges to give the hem a bit more width. I opened the side seams, and noted that the coat had been sewn in a peculiar way. In order to keep the classy look, I finished the seams by hand. 

The coat got a funkier look as I added a black tulle ruffle to the hem before closing it. To give the coat a more feminine look, I embroidered the seams with rows of white flowers. 

I replaced the brown leather with large, black buttons. The cuffs got a bit of lace, and more white flowers. In this pic, you may actually see them. 

 I gave the coat a more practical button closure. The two extra rows of buttons are there mainly to cover marks left by the previous detailing. 

In the back, I used the belt to create another detail. A bit of lacing works wonders in changing a garments overall look. 

It took me an awfully long time to alter the coat, but I hope the recipient will be happy with the results. 

Until next time. 

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