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Let's Make... Sprucing Up a Pair of Pants

I had a pair of pants. Quite ordinary pinstripe-pants made by Only. 
Ordinary pants can get a bit boring. They're difficult to accessorize, and very plain next to Gothic tops. In order to make mine work better with a dark wardrobe, I decided to give them a make-over.

I started with a pair of D-rings. I sewed strips of cotton to make loops for them. 

Had the pants had an ordinary waist band, I would have taken out a few stitches, tucked the loops under the waist band, and re-done the top stitching. Now, I had to just sew the loops on. 

I also added two metal zippers. These were left over when I made bondage-pants for a client. 

I wanted a lacing onto the left leg. The easiest way would have been to take eyelet-tape, and sew it on. I didn't have any, so I sewed cotton into two more strips, and added eyelets. 
I was running low on them, so I had to use poor quality ones. For some strange reason, these ones tear every time, so I use them only on stuff I make for myself. 

I sewed the strips on using the pinstripes as quidelines. 

I was running low on ribbon as well, so I took twill tape, folded it, and zigzagged through it. It makes a sturdy ribbon, and I've used it in corselets as well. It isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but works well.

The pants came out quite nice. I'm happy with the change, and the pants will get much more wear in the future. 

 Buying new clothes isn't always the only option. With a bit of effort, You can turn old pants into a new favourite. 

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