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Red & Black Week 2013: Victorian Skirts

I have been dreadfully busy lately with sewing, writing patterns, and starting renovating a house. The annual Red & Black Week crept up on me, and made me double my efforts to get at least one post done. 

Red paired with black is one of my favorite combinations. It's dark, sultry and dramatic, perfect for Gothic outfits. 
Another one of my favorites is the Victorian era. 
In order to celebrate Red & Black Week, I combined the my two loves in two Victorian outfits full of flare and drama, and a sewing tutorial for a gorgeous Victorian-inspired skirt. 

 The first skirt I made a few years ago. It consists of two layers, which can both be draped to my will. I paired the skirt with a satin petticoat, and a matching corselet. 
The fan was a last-minute add-one since we're enjoying an unusual heat-wave here in Finland, and I was a bit hot in my layers of satin. 

The second skirt was made in order to get the tutorial fully illustrated. I took pictures of each step, and recorded them into the tutorial in plain English and Finnish, with as little confusing sewing terms as possible. This way, I hope to encourage the creativity of even those who feel sewing is beyond their skills. 
It isn't, I tells you. Making clothes is easy and fun, a perfect way to reflect your own personal style. 

I paired the red skirt with a black corset-top I made for Halloween, and Heather's Crochet Flowers. The light cotton necklaces are perfect for summer days: airy, pretty, and machine washable. 

For the material of both skirts, I used satin duvet covers. I find them at flea markets, and use them to create lovely things. You'd imagine most of them are damaged, but no. It seems people buy them thinking they'll add luxury to their lives, use them once, and give them away because they're too hot and slippery. I've made most of my satin garments from discarded duvet covers, and even turned some to curtains.

The tutorial is available at my store, Craftsy, and etsy

 I hope you all have enjoyed Red & Black Week as much as I have. 

Heather Wielding

4 kommenttia:

  1. These outfits are just gorgeous. I especially love the bit of red peeking out beneath the black skirt in the first photo. You are so talented! Making a tutorial available in your store is a brilliant idea.

    1. Thank you =)

      I've found that making tutorials is actually even more fun than sewing garments. There's the challenge of getting everything right, the writing, the pretending to be top model, and I get to offer inspiration for others :)

  2. What a great idea to make them out discarded duvets! There's lots of material and you're right - there are an awful lot of them at the thrift stores!

    How are your house renovations going? :o)

    1. Thank you :) When I was a kid, Mom used to give me old sheet to make dolls' dresses from, and I sort of grew into making clothes from sheets... :D

      We've been ripping old panels and walls and isolation out, and we're just about done with that bit. It's starting to be time to put everything back together, yikes! It's been great fun, I even learned how to use a crowbar =)


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